XDarwin as remote XDMCP client

  • John Schult
    John Schult

    I am trying to use my iMac as a remote client to my RH 8 Linux box using:

    XDarwinStartup :0 -quartz -nostartx -query

    X starts fine in fullscreen (1440x900) and I get the beautiful gray screen with the X cursor, but nothing else.  I have followed the HOWTOs on preparing my Linux box for XDMCP, and I believe that everything is in order on that end.  I have no other machine to test it with.

    Can anyone else confirm that they have this working with a similar setup?  If so, or not, can you give me any pointers on where the problem might lie?  Is there any way to check a log on the RH 8 box to see what is going on?  Enable debugging to see more?  Anything would be appreciated.

    Take care,