dev-tools not found by fink

  • Rmplstiltskn

    I am trying to 'fink selfupdate' --> rsync option and I get this error:

    Failed: selfupdate method 'rsync' requires the package 'dev-tools'

    I am new to mac but I am pretty sure I installed dev-tools correctly. Will someone please tell me what I can do to fix the problem?

    • Run the command

        fink-virtual-pkgs --debug

      In the output, check for the following lines

      - checking for dev-tools commands:
      - /usr/bin/gcc... found
      - /usr/bin/make... found

      and see if you have something different.

      BTW, you will get more and faster response to such questions if you ask them on a Fink mailing list. I fact, what is the relation with XonX? 

    • Rmplstiltskn

      I was missing GCC so I downloaded that package from my cd and installed it: problem solved.

      Thank you very much for your help, you told me exactly what I needed to know.