Running Nessus??

  • Hi guys , I installed nessus via fink commander... ( I think ) ...

    How can I run the app now ?

    I open the terminal and enter

    me$ nessus
    -bash: nessus: command not found

    What's happening , sorry but I am new to this fink thing :(

    • Normally, you should ask such questions on a Fink-related forum or mailing list; it doesn't have much to do with XonX.

      Next, you should read some documentation about nessus to find out what commands it contains. Finally, you can look what files the nessus packages actually installed, either with FinkCommander (browse package files) or from the command line

      dpkg -L nessus-common-ssl

      Those in /sw/bin and /sw/sbin are the executables.