auth problems with -query <host>

Paul Krohn
  • Paul Krohn
    Paul Krohn

    Goal: start XDarwin with a login session on another box

    Problem: Everything seems to start up OK when i use "startx -- -query <host> -quartz", but I get this message repeated in the terminal I use to issue the command:

    AUDIT: Wed Jan  9 09:28:56 2002: 400 XDarwin: client 3 rejected from local host
    AUDIT: Wed Jan  9 09:28:56 2002: 400 XDarwin: client 3 disconnected
    Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
    Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
    giving up.
    xinit:  unable to connect to X server

    Just to be clear: I have the X session running just the way that I like it, everything works great, except that it "gives up" after a minute or so and X dies. Who is trying to connect to who, and is being denied? for what reason? how do i fix this?

    All suggestions appreciated, and thanks in advance.

    • Dennis Haag
      Dennis Haag

      Which version of XDarwin? It is probably trying to run any clients in your .xinitrc and eventually times out and gives up. My workaround to this was to call XDarwinStartup directly and use the -nostartx flag. So the command would look like: "XDarwinStartup :0 -quartz -fullscreen -nostartx -query host".