What is the bestway to report crashes

  • Hello together,

    Id like to start by saying how greatfull I am to all those who invest time and affort to make free software happen! Thank you!

    Since my time and expertise are rather limited the closest thing I can do to contribution is to post usefull bug-reports. The problem is, I dont really see a bug, but only spontainious and unrelated server-crashes when I use wmaker. Would someone involved in actual developement please write what to do? I enabled crash log but where do I best mail those? Does it make sense to enable the -core switch? Are those CORE files of any use for you anyhow?

    • Well done bug reports are always appreciated. The best place to report bugs in XFree86 for Darwin is in the Bug tracker here at the XonX project page. The bug tracker allows all developers and other users to see the bug and for us to track its progress. People can post bugs anonymously, but it helps for followup if to post from your SourceForge account.

      For crashing bugs we need the following:

      1. First make sure you are running the latest version of XDarwin and note the version of XDarwin you are running in the post. (Don't just say "latest" as we may still be reading your report months from now.) If the problem occurs only in some versions of XDarwin and not in others, note this.

      2. A description of what X clients were running and what you were doing.

      3. The crash log from the Console. (The core files probably aren't very useful.)

      4. The console log if anything out of the ordinary appears in the log. You can post it anyway, if you are unsure.

      Try to group related crashes under the same bug report. You might check if anyone else has posted a similar crasher. There is no reason to repost a full log each time you get a crash if it seems that the crash is happening in the same place, although some indication of how often the crash occurs is useful. As you might expect, repeatable crashes are worth far more than random ones and get immediate attention, but all crashes are interesting. (At this point we don't know of any repeatable crashes.)

      • Greg Parker
        Greg Parker

        Three additions:

        * If you're running on a dual CPU Mac, mention that. Dual CPU hardware is more likely to trip over some kinds of bugs.

        * To turn on crash logging in 10.1, open  /Applications/Utilities/Console.app, go to Preferences, go to Crashes, turn ON "Log crash information". As Torrey said, real core dumps are not very useful (and can be several hundred megabytes in size...)

        * The usual XDarwin output from the console log is often useful because it describes your XDarwin version as well as other configuration information like your screen arrangement.

        Finally, always always always include an email address - either post while logged in to a SourceForge account or include an address in the bug report. We often need to ask more questions, and we can't do that if there's no address.