#245 XFree 4.3.0: custom pointer disappears on second monitor.

Peter Sturdza


I really like the speed of the 4.3.0 release. Thanks for that improvement. I had basically given up using full-screen mode before because of the slowness, but it is great now.

I did notice one obscure thing. While using Xinerama in full-screen mode, my custom root pointer is not drawn on the root window of the second monitor. This is with:
xsetroot -cursor bitmap.bm mask.bm
The default "X" cursor works fine, as does picking a named cursor with
xsetroot -cursor_name hand1
for instance.

I don't think there could be anything weird about my bitmap. It works fine on Linux using Xinerama with XFree 4.2.0 and on all of the platforms I have used without Xinerama.


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  • Peter Sturdza
    Peter Sturdza

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    I've upgraded my Linux box to XFree 4.3.0 and it works fine with regard to this cursor problem. So its looking more likely to be an XDarwin problem.


  • Andy Law
    Andy Law

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    Followup from my report #788094 which has been merged as a
    duplicate of this one.

    The problem was also in version, although the symptoms
    differ slightly.

    1) In the custom cursor DID appear but was hard against
    the left-hand edge of the leftmost monitor

    2) In the problem occurred on BOTH monitors i.e. if I
    moused over a desktop icon on either monitor it appeared in the
    wrong place. Under 4.3.0 if I mouse over an icon on the left-hand
    monitor the cursor appears correctly; if I mouse over an icon on
    the right-hand monitor then the cursor vanishes completely.

    Hope that helps some!