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#239 unable to connect to X server

X server (105)


I've 10.2.3, X86free last version and KDE. When I do Startx --
-fullscreen I have two errors:

xinit: No such file or directory (errno 2): unable to connect to X
xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error.

And I begin with " startx", then:

Mutex destroy failure: Device busy
DCOP: unregister 'kcminit-1500'
kdeinit: PID 1500 terminated.
DCOP: register 'anonymous-1508' -> number of clients is now 3
kdeinit: Launched 'knotify', pid = 1510 result = 0
DCOP: register 'knotify' -> number of clients is now 4
DCOP: register 'anonymous-1510' -> number of clients is now 5
fcntl: Bad file descriptor
fcntl: Bad file descriptor
QSettings::sync: filename is null/empty
kxkb: found 1 layouts
kdeinit: setgroups: Operation not permitted
DCOP: unregister 'anonymous-1508'
kdeinit: PID 1508 terminated.
xinit: connection to X server lost.
[poseidon:/sw/bin] eva% DCOP: unregister 'ksplash'
DCOP: unregister 'kxkb'
DCOP: unregister 'kded'
DCOP aborting call from 'anonymous-1510' to 'knotify'
ERROR: KUniqueApplication: DCOP communication error!
DCOP: unregister 'knotify'
DCOP: unregister 'anonymous-1510'
kdeinit: PID 1510 terminated.

I have became to work with KDE, why do I have these errors?


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    "startx" by itself will not work unless you are running from the text only console with Aqua shut off. "startx -- -fullscreen" will work if you have your path configured correctly. Your problem is either an incorrectly configured path or a bad/incomplete install. If you got this from Fink, check the Fink-Users mailing lists for help. From the little snippet of the terminal output you posted from "startx -- -fullscreen" it is impossible to say what the problem is. If you installed everything with Fink then a likely problem is that you did not install the xfree86-rootless package and only installed xfree86-base. (xfree86-base by itself does not include any X server.)

    The easiest way to start the X server is just to double click the XDarwin icon in /Applications. This works arounds many possible things that can go wrong with startx. If you don't have an XDarwin icon then you definitely have an incomplete install.

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    No followup from user. Closing.