#203 XDarwin hangs when built from src in Jag

Build Failure
X server (105)
Matt Martini

I have been using XonX (XFree86) from cvs download and
build for some time now. This worked fine until OS X 10.2.

After upgrading to Jaguar, the code builds but XDarwin
hangs when launched. The XDarwin application starts,
but the screen never switches to rooted mode and mouse
clicks and keyboard input are ignored by the application.

I am using the package that had pre-built binaries but
it has bugs (was compiled from old src?). Bug [ 486515
] "xterm - can't type w/cursor not in xterm" is back again.


  • Matt Martini
    Matt Martini

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    You can't build XFree86 4.2.0 from source on Jaguar. (XFree86 4.2.0 was released long before Jaguar and so its not surprising there are problems.) If you are checking out xf-4_2_0 or any similar tag there will be problems. You need to use a newer version which has been updated to use Jaguar. Remember that tags are "sticky" with CVS, so if you specified one once, it will always be with you in subsequent cvs updates. You can either check out xf-4_2-branch, xf-4_2_0_1, or xf-4_2_1 to get an updated version of the 4.2 branch for Jaguar.

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