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When first launching Xmaster, the mouse speed changes to the fastest speed. It can be switched back by using the Mouse System Pref.

Running OS X Public Beta on PowerMac G3 (B&W).


  • This is expected, but perhaps not desirable. The problem is that both Mac OS X and X windows have separate mouse speed settings. In your case they are different. Various window managers set the mouse acceleration when they start up. You set the desired speed using the preferences system of the window manager. More often than not the speed will be different than the speed you are using on Mac OS X, although you could adjust it on the X side to fix things. Perhaps the right way to deal with this is to save both settings and have the mouse speed change depending if you are on the X or Mac OS X desktop. Does this sound reasonable?

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  • Greg Parker
    Greg Parker

    Are you sure about this diagnosis, Torrey? The X and Aqua absolute cursor positions are kept in sync, I think. The X cursor acceleration shouldn't affect anything.

  • My original comment wasn't very clear. Both Mac OS X and X11 have different API's to change the mouse acceleration, but both API's change the same thing.

    The pointer callback DarwinChangePointerControl() works for either IOKit or Quartz modes. If the window manager uses X library calls to change the mouse acceleration this will get translated into a change of the mouse acceleration used by the low level IOKit mouse drivers. So, as the original poster noted, a change on the X11 side will mean that the mouse speed is changed for both X11 and Mac OS X. (In his case, something in his X11 setup was causing the mouse speed to be very fast.)

    Since the mouse acceleration may be changed at any time on either the X11 or Mac OS X side of things, I was suggesting we keep track of two separate settings. As you switch between Aqua and X11 the mouse acceleration would be changed to reflect the last setting for that interface. Of course, by default they should be the same, but we can't control what various applications on either side may do.

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    I suggest a server command line option to disable setting
    the mouse speed via X11 calls. The switch should also
    prevent the X server from putting the mouse in the middle
    of the screen on startup, which is also very confusing when
    running under Aqua.

  • Greg Parker
    Greg Parker

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    Ah, I see. I didn't realize that the IOKit settings worked in Aqua too. We definitely need a switch to turn that off, because it's the wrong thing to do in rootless mode.

    I'm not sure how possible it is to not center the cursor at startup; the cursor needs to respond to position changes commanded by the X server, and the first thing it does is center it. Perhaps a hack to ignore the first position change.

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    Top of tree XFree86 now has a preference setting to turn
    this off. Should we close this tracker item?

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    Good idea. Fixed in the TOT, like he said.