#8 ¡Networked gaming!


Hi, I know that this game is a self-superation
challenge but a friend and me think that It would be
great to have a simple multiplayer game.

As no interaction between motos is needed, it would be
ok just by sending your moto coordinates to the other
player and displaying his/their. It would be a nice
game to make "races", wouldnt it? Even more, some
levels specially designed for racing would make it perfect.

I think that know that ghost-mode replays are added, it
would be similar but getting the other player's data
from a network stream instead from a file.

I hope you like this :D


  • Erik Rybakken
    Erik Rybakken

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    Great idea! Maybe something like Trackmania Nations. That
    game can be downloaded here:

    In that game, everyone can create his own server and
    everyone can join all the servers that is available. It is
    three different multiplayer modes in the game. This is
    takenfrom the game manual:

    Round Mode lets players meet head-to-head on one or more
    course(s) with a set start. All players start at the same
    time, and each start marks one round. In this mode, you play
    a series of rounds on the same course.The challenge is to be
    the first to cross the finish line, or to finish within the
    required limit for scoring.

    The players all start together. The first player to cross
    the finish line is awarded 10 points, the second receives 6
    points, then 4, 3, 2 and 1. Once the round time limit has
    been exceeded, the next round begins automatically. The
    first player to win 50 points (the default) wins the match.

    For some people,victory is sweet only when it is shared with
    friends. The Team mode operates on the same principle as the
    Round mode, except that in this case, players will group
    together in teams and victory will depend on each teammate’s
    skills. In this mode, one point is awarded to the winner’s
    team. Each player on the winner’s team arriving at the
    finish line just after the winner earns one additional point
    for the team. If you are using the alternate rules, the
    winning team will receive one point. In determining which
    team wins the match,the placing of every player counts.The
    first player across the line receives as many points as
    there are players on the course. The second gets the same
    number of points—minus one—for his team, and so on until
    last place.

    Note: the number of points awarded to the winner is set by
    the Points max setting when the game is set up. The overall
    winner is the team with the high-
    est number of points under this system.

    Probably the most technical of all the modes, Time Attack is
    very similar to Single Player except that the players are on
    the track for only a limited amount of time. This type of
    game is not a race (players start at different times), but
    rather an attempt to beat the fastest speed. It is possible
    to restart the game at any time by pressing Enter. The
    players with the current best times are displayed along with
    the players’ names in real time during the time attack. When
    the clock runs out, the player with the best time wins.

    The person who creates the server, can choose what mode the
    players plays. It is also a chat window in the game so the
    players can chat with each other.

    I don't say that the X-moto shall have an identical online
    system like this, but maybe you got some ideas. :)

  • raskolnikov

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    I didn't know of that game. I think that those multiplayer
    modes are great and they should not be too hard to implement :)