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xmms-kde 3.2 has been released

xmms-kde 3.2 has been released. This version include changes that have been in CVS for some time, such as Amarok support, and adds two new themes.

Flo (tranqlzer) no longer has a lot of time to work on the project, so I (dbkr) have offered to put what time I can into the project.

Posted by Dave Baker 2006-09-05

xmms-kde 3.1 beta1 has been released

this is the first beta release of the upcoming version xmms-kde 3.1.
please visit the homepage (http://xmms-kde.sourceforge.net) or the project webpage (http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmms-kde) for download and
installation instructions and send bugreports back to tranqlzer at users dot sourceforge dot net.

new features for this release include:
- database support for Ogg / MP3 files
- more themes
- improved on screen display... read more

Posted by Flo Niebling 2003-03-06

xmms-kde for kde3 has been released

there are many new features, including a built-in mp3 player.
if you want to build a binary package, please contact the project admin.

Posted by Flo Niebling 2002-08-08

xmms-kde version 0.6.5 released

contributors for binary packages (Redhat, SuSE, Debian, ...) are highly welcome :-). if you know how to build RPMs or DEBs, please contact a project member.

Posted by Flo Niebling 2001-04-25

added autoconf support

xmms-kde uses autoconf since version 0.5.5.
please send email if you are not able to compile xmms-kde on your platform

Posted by Flo Niebling 2000-11-12