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#31 Use XBMC's XML scrapers for HTTP scraping


XBMC (The XboxMediaCenter Project) uses a very nice API for letting anyone create and/or maintaining XML and RegEx based scrapers, scrapers that scrape HTTP websites for metadata (sites such as IMDb, TheTVDB,, and many more), metadata for movies, TV-shows and music-videos. It would be great it MeD's Movie Manager could integreat that parser API so that is could use XBMC scraper XML files as is, cross compatible with both applications.

The API will only require that you integrate basic XML parser and RegEx parser into MeD's Movie Manager. Then you will have to convert XBMC's ScraperParser.cpp from C++ to JAVA code.

The existing scapers can be found in the SVN under:

Find the C++ source code for XBMC parser here:

If you do not have a SVN tool then download here:

PS! Find XML parsers and RegEx parsers for JAVA here:


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