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New database fields

  • Matthias Ihmig
    Matthias Ihmig

    I know this is quite an undertaking, but for some of my ideas, I think adding new fields is the best way, and - even if not all functions are implemented immediately (or even at all) - existing fields in the db are the basis to start implementing them.

    So, if anyone has additional ideas what new fields are needed, I suggest we collect them in this thread, and then make all the additions together in one step.

    Now my request of additional fields:

    1) LONGVARCHAR "Review": Text field that allows to store one (or more) reviews (from Amazon)
    2) INTEGER (24 or 32 bit) "Votes Count": Add the number of votes that went into the Rating (from IMDb)
    3) LONGVARCHAR "Tagline": Catch-line entry for each movie (from IMDb)
    4) LONGVARCHAR "ASIN": Amazon Standard Identification Number to retrieve detailed information (e.g. for Updates, similar to IMDb ID) (from Amazon)
    5) LONGVARCHAR "Web URL": Webpage link to details (default: fill with IMDb or Amazon or TV link, but then user editable)

    More ideas? Suggestions?


    • Matthias Ihmig
      Matthias Ihmig

      Just to make it clear - the above fields are not additional "ExtraFields" but "General Fields".

      The distinction is pretty good, as it seperates the common fields (Movie dependent) which can be retrieved and updated over the internet, and the Individual fields, that are filled either from GetFileInfo or manually.

      In this second category of ExtraFields, another field came into my mind:

      Beside Audio Channels, also

      6) Audio Languages: avi, but mostly ogm and mkv containers often have more than 1 language to select from.
         It would be great to detect the tags automatically and insert them into "Audio Languages"


    • Matthias Ihmig
      Matthias Ihmig

      And another candidate for adding to the DB:

      7) LONGVARCHAR "Plot Keywords": Amazon offers a number of plot keywords which might be quite interesting to include in the General Info

      And, as it has been suggested earlier, when we're at it:

      8) "Lent to": Name of person I lent this CD/movie
      9) "Lent on": When did I do this
         if empty: I have it
         hmm, this actually poses another question: how to handle CDs/DVDs with more than 1 movie? it would make sense to mark
         these other movies as "lent" as well.
         This would require an additional field "CD/DVD ID".
         So to implement this function in a clean way, it would require some more thinking


  • M Fox
    M Fox

    10)  "Date Added": The date added to the Movie Manager.  I would like to be able to create a query that sorts when I acquired my movies in descending order.