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Add DVDs on Harddisk

  • It would be fantastic if I could add ripped DVDs stored on my HDD as well. I want some movies to give the full DVD experience so I kept them as 1:1 copies on the HDD. Sadly I couldnt find a way to add them as playable movies in the programm (like extreme moviemanager which too bloated otherwise so i wouldnt want to use it). It seems I can only add them manually? Or did I overlook something?

  • Alain Deroy
    Alain Deroy

    I absolutely agree. That would be a great feature. I've got copies of a lot of dvd's on a network nas media device for backup purposes. I also cannot find a way to add them automatically.
    Would be a great feature to point to the dvd-folder and have MeD import from the AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS structure.

    Otherwise, great app!

  • Bro


    It should read some of the technical info from the IFO files, but I it might not store the path on the HDD. That should be fixed.