import data from IMDB

  • Today I've downloaded MeD's Movie Manager, (on a Windows 7 laptop) but I can't find a way to import movie data from IMDb.

    When I try to obtain movie data from IMDB (via the left 'add movie'-button) the following occurs:

    I enter the title of a movie,
    then i click on the button 'get IMDb info'
    a new window pops up (select movie title), in which I can select the movie i wanted the data from.
    Now I have the option of clicking three button: select, search & cancel.
    but none of them gets me to inport the IMDb data that I wanted (when I hit 'select' nothing happens, when I hit 'search' the list of possible titles is refreshed).

    So how exactly do I import the data from IMDb into my own database???

    I hope you can help me on this.

    Kind regards,

  • Not sure what the problem is - I just upgraded to the new version two days ago.  When I click on select it goes to the next screen where I click on save and close

  • silly me, i've checked for updates, and there were a few that mentioned to fix problems with importing data from IMDb.
    Updating has worked, problem solved!