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Run MMM from multiple machines using Dropbox

  • aussiejd

    Hi all,
    Just wanted to share my experience of using movie manager on multiple machines using "dropbox".
    This method may not be perfect, but it works for me on multiple MAC's.
    Haven't tested on windows (yet).

    In very simple terms:
    * download MMM
    * extract the files to a folder in dropbox
    * add an empty file to the config folder called "uselocalconfig"
    * run MovieManager.jar
    * create a HSQLDB by just typing the name you want (the path will default to the same folder in dropbox!)

    Aside: I added a folder called database to house the database files - simply because that made it easier for me to see what files were created for an HSQLDB ]
    * open -> Database -> Folders

    Set the following options:
    Covers Folder = /Covers
    Queries Folder = /Queries
    Current Database: database/jd-db (greyed out)
    Load Database HSQL>database/jd-db

    Save Paths relative to:
    Program Location: check + check + check
    Database Location: un-check + un-check
    Enable: tick + tick + un-tick

    Set permanent = tick

    The covers stay in the Covers folder and the Queries stay in the Queries folder in the main directory.
    The config.ini that is used is in the config folder (not the /Application Support folder that is normally used on a MAC)

    I execute the Movie Manager.jar file, as or some reason the ".app" folder doesn't behave the way I wanted.

    Hope this helps.
    Modifications and comments welcome.

    - jd