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PREFERENCES does not work...

  • I received a message on my med's today re: update available; downloaded it and it reverted to some bright blue default look which i for skins link...downloaded and extracted in look/feel folder...NOW the look/feel button has the same 4 choices as before when i received the update AND the preferences button freezes Med for a minute then nothing happens...i now have so many skin folders all extracted and can't use any of them...
    what's wrong?

    • Bro

      Damn, I forgot to remove those links. Those packages shouldn't really be used...
      All the useable L&F's are now included in the installer.

      I'm not sure why the settings were changed, as the config file should shouldn't be replaced when installing a new version.
      Go to the directory where the app is installed and remove all the files you added. Then remove or rename the config file.

      The preferences froze dure to errors in the L&Fs that you downloaded  ;-\

      Sorry for the mess.


    • Im just glad to hear this super program is still being worked on! :o)