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Lasse Miettinen


I've been working a new source for Finnish tv_grab_fi grabber to get more accurate information for programs on FOX channel. The source is using FOX weekly program table as a source (http://www.foxtv.fi/ohjelmat/weekly/). See attachment for the source file, it compiles when added to the source folder.

I managed to get the basic information parsed (description, title, times), and also some secondary information (episode name, episode and season numbers). Problem is that my skills are not on high level enough to modify the other files regarding the grabber to get also the secondary information coming through.

Could this be cleaned up and implemented?

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  • Stefan Becker
    Stefan Becker

    Sorry for the delay, I don't get email notifications for this project and only stumbled by accident over this today. I'll look into it next week.

    Thanks for the code. After a first cursory glance it looks like a good starting point.

    BTW: episode titles are already supported. Adding season & episode number will be no problem.

    If anybody with admin access is reading this: can I get developer rights to this group/label? I can't take over this ticket nor close it one when I'm done...

  • Stefan Becker
    Stefan Becker

    Damn, this is going to be difficult.

    http://www.foxtv.fi seems to be the first of the program sources that uses Transfer-Encoding: chunked. At least on my development machine LWP::UserAgent or Net::HTTP have some bug in that area which result in truncated web page content :-(

  • Stefan Becker
    Stefan Becker

    Found the real root cause: "X-Died: Illegal field name 'X-Meta-Twitter:card'" problem in HTTP::Parser. This is fixed in version 3.71.

  • Stefan Becker
    Stefan Becker

    I pushed the initial version 2.00 without episode name, season & episode number support. It turned out that your code needed quite a lot of rework after all.

    Please note that due to missing data in the HTML, the last entry on Sundays will never show up for this source (see the source code for details).

    For the rest of the features I'll need to refactor some of the other code first.

  • Stefan Becker
    Stefan Becker

    Refactoring is done and updated version pushed to CVS. This completes this feature request.

  • Just compiled the newest version, and it works perfectly. Big thanks to you Stefan!

  • Geoff

    • status: open --> closed