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#2 xmltask faild on ibm jdk

Unstable (example)
xpath sun (1)
Jocelyn Gibart

There are 2 classes using some sun private classes that should be fixed :
com/oopsconsultancy/xmltask/ant/ uses a private import for no reason
src/com/oopsconsultancy/xmltask/jdk15/ uses the xpath private api , while there are public apis since java 1.6

Here is a fixed version of the class
package com.oopsconsultancy.xmltask.jdk15;

import javax.xml.xpath.XPath;
import javax.xml.xpath.XPathConstants;
import javax.xml.xpath.XPathExpression;
import javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory;

import org.w3c.dom.Node;
import org.w3c.dom.NodeList;

import com.oopsconsultancy.xmltask.XPathAnalyser;
import com.oopsconsultancy.xmltask.XPathAnalyserClient;

* uses the JDK 1.5 XPath API to analyse XML docs
* @author Brian Agnew
* @version $Id:,v 1.2 2004/05/18 08:42:17 bagnew Exp $
public class XPathAnalyser15 implements XPathAnalyser {

private XPathAnalyserClient client;
private Object callback;

public void registerClient(XPathAnalyserClient client, Object callback) {
    this.client = client;
    this.callback = callback;

public int analyse(Node node, String xpath) throws Exception {
    int count = 0;

    XPathFactory factory = XPathFactory.newInstance();
    XPath xpathcomiler = factory.newXPath();
    XPathExpression expr = xpathcomiler.compile(xpath);

    Object result = expr.evaluate(node, XPathConstants.NODESET);

    if (result instanceof NodeList) {
        NodeList nl = ((NodeList) result);
        Node n;
        for (int i = 0; i < nl.getLength(); i++) {
            n = nl.item(i);
            client.applyNode(n, callback);
    } else if (result instanceof Boolean || result instanceof Double || result instanceof String) {
        String str = String.valueOf(result);
        client.applyNode(str, callback);
    return count;