Prevent Xmlstarlet from displaying "Attempt to load network entity"

  • Rapper_skull

    Hello, I'm new to Xmlstarlet and I need to assign it's output to a variable, but my XML file contains a !DOCTYPE declaration. I'm using the "sel" command and before every output I get "Attempt to load network entity ecc.", it there a switch that prevents this?

    EDIT: Actually it's not part of the output but a message, however is there a way to suppress it?

    EDIT: I solved using "2>", sorry.

    Last edit: Rapper_skull 2014-06-27
  • Noam Postavsky
    Noam Postavsky

    Another possibility is --net which allows loading network entities.

    I think it's possible to set up an XML catalog such that things would be fetched from the local disk rather than network, but I'm not really sure how (see