BUG? XRN task don't find file in the jar

  • It seem that when files *.xsl ... are in the jar the ant task don't find them.
    But if I add a XMLReleaseNotes folder with all this files in the project that call the task all work fine.

    If it is confirmed, this problem is blocker for the maven/java integration.

    • I don't exactly get what you say. What *.xsl do you refer to? Can you provide the log in verbose mode, please?

    • please ignore this message. I was using an old jar that don't include any resources at all

    • OK, fine. Does it mean that you have overcome all your issues?

      As for me, I'm still working on the "XRN Guide", a new version for which should be released soon...

    • I still have the error message :
      <XMLReleaseNotes> Cannot set properly an XMLCatalog, which enables to resolve URIs

      I send you a mail about it with the stack trace and I still don't know where is the problem. You will probably have an idea about the cause of this kind of errors ?