boolean value in the ant task

  • I am currently adding all the properties of the ant task in the maven integration.
    I see in the doc that for boolean value some attribut use true / false and other use yes / no.
    Is the both can be use?

    I think that the both should be support but in the docs the default values should make a choise beteween them ie using true / false by default !

    • Yes, in Ant, 'true' and 'yes' are equivalent, 'false' and 'no' as well when it comes to boolean attributes.

      What is important is that the documentation is consistent (either we use 'true/false' or 'yes/no'). If you just can tell me where it is not...


    • In AntTaskManual_top.html

      implicitlyMigrate : "considered as no"
      inlineCSS : "no; if set to yes,..."
      useIcons : "considered as yes,..."