GUI - Status

  • Carsten

    Hi Edouard,

    what I have done so far:
    Used JAXB to get the Java classes from xsd and developed an GUI. Maybe I can send you the frist version next weekend.


    • Great Carsten;

      this is smart to use JAXB in order to map the XSD and thus the XML :->

      I don't have any experience on JAXB, and I am wondering how it behaves as far as compatibility is concerned when the schema changes.

      I'd be delighted if you could show me your work! I guess that you were able to generate release notes?...


    • Carsten

      well, this is the first time I used JAXB. I think for every schema change you need to generate the java classes with xjc (comes with JAXB). But thats quite easy and possible to do it with ant.
      Well, a shame on me but I have'nt generate the release notes. I use XMLSpy to see whats going on and I hope I get it right.
      I had a short look to version 0.17 and there are some changes in xmlreleasenotes.xsd, right ? I will use this version for the GUI, so it needs a bit more work.
      The release notes we use in the company have a section "Known limitation". What do you think about it and where would you use it in XRN or is a possibilty for a new component of XRN-release ?


    • Right, the XSD has lately changed, you'd better use V0.17.1...

    • Now that the Java source code is under CVS, could you please create a buildfile that compiles it from scratch.

      I think that you can start a release notes XRN file for the GUI itself (and fulfill the dependencies, requirements blocks properly).

      If there is some generated code, could you please create the target that does the stuff.

      Please, do not forget to indicate the prerequisites in order to be able run the builldile properly.

      The buildfile should be able to run the compiled GUI...

      After you've down this, we will integrate it to the Ant build overall process.

      Thank you for your help.

    • Carsten

      Yo, thats one of my next todos. Well, will do this first before I work on the GUI limitations.

    • Hi carsten

      Can you ping me when it was possible to add it in the maven plugin too

    • OK, we'll do that :->

    • The latest work on the GUI is really good! I just tested it in order to understand what was going on as far as JAXB is concerned, and I was very delighted to discover the work on the GUI.

      If you tell me that it is possible to use it (no danger of corrupting the XML release notes), I will immediately start to use it.

      By the way, just a few comments:

      1. When there is just one entry in an editable list, why not automatically select it, by default (it spares time to the end-user)?
      2. Can you make the summary zones larger (or at least with an inner scrollbar) ? For instance, on the 'Deliveries' tab, the 'Content' text box?
      3. The default width of the top panel is a bit two large...
      4. The 'Item' on the 'Feature' tab seem not to work at this stage.
      5. As the XSD changes, it is always good to know that the generated XSD2Java is uptodate, so why not removing those generated classes from the CVS and use the 'gui.generateXSD2JAVA' Ant target, instead. OK, there are some cases when you want to work on a precise version of the XRN schema, so that it must be an option...
      5bis. Due to the latest 'why' renamed as 'reason', if you chose the previous option, think of modifying the 'OneFeaturePanel' that does not compile anymore.
      6. I tried to write very rapidly a main Java class that just loads an XRN XML file via the JAXB API (JAXBContext, Unmarshaller, ReleaseNotes), but I get a 'javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException: Unexpected end of element {}:ReleaseNotes': any clue?

      Once again, congratulations for your work. Hope that you can provide some pieces of answer....


    • Carsten


      it should be tested that using the GUI doesn't corrupt the xml file. I hope it doesn't because the JAXB generated classes are used. Anyway, I think it should be easy for you to check correctness because you created the xml file and schema.

      Your questions:
      1. Your right, thats better.
      2. The scrollbar appears when you enter more text    
          than the default textpane size. I can make the  
          summary textpanes larger, of course.
      3. What do you mean with 'top panel' and 'a bit....' ?
      4. Thats right, the 'Item' is under construction.
          I am not sure what to do with 'Item', 'Contributor'
          and 'Asking Person'. Can you give me informations ?
          How can these attributes be used ?
      5. Yes, its ok to remove to xsd2java files.
          Hope, I can modify the GUI soon to be up-to-date.
      6. Hmm, do you give the right package name to the JAXBContext ? And how does the xml file look like ?
      Have a look at the class. Its the method 'readReleaseNotes'.

      Is the CVS always up-to-date ? You said the latest version is only on XRN homepage. I prefer to get the source from CVS.


    • 3. Sorry, I was referring to the top frame of the application.
      4. Concerning the anatomy of a feature, could you take a look at, section 'Anatomy of a feature', please? It is supposed to explain everything.
      5 and 5bis. The modification of the GUI only concerns the 'OneFeaturePanel' class, so it must be really easy.
      6. It seems related to the classpath: I think that I can cope with...

      Yes, the CVS is up-to-date. Of course, this is always the starting point to consider. I was just referring to the web site, because I only updated this part, and did not make any SourceForge release. The two sites must now be synchronized.

      Hope it helps,


    • Carsten

      So, please  tell me what do you mean with ' a bit too large' ?
      Ok, will read the guide again. As far as I remember you said its possible to have one or more 'Asking Person', for example. What I like to know is: How shall it appear on the GUI (for usability) ?
      Sure, the changes are easy but time is an important thing, espacially near to Xmas.