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    • B.J. Johnson
      B.J. Johnson

      Thanks for the welcome message, nobody!
      <b>This</b> <i>is</i> a <u>test</u> to see what the html tag business looks like. . .

    • B.J. Johnson
      B.J. Johnson

      Well, so much for that. . .

    • Tom Panihil
      Tom Panihil

      Can  multiple XSD files be processed concurrently?  Helpful when an XSD Library is used.

      And, can it handle 'anyAttribute' and what does it do with the 'any' element?

      • dondi

        Hi Tom,

        If, by "multiple XSD files" you mean creating multiple database libraries from multiple XSD files, then no, it can't currently do that, but it wouldn't be too hard to launch multiple threads of the converter over an array of XSD file references.

        If, on the other hand, you're asking whether it's possible to build a single database application that processes data based on multiple XSD files, then that is possible, and in fact the GenMAPP Builder application does that.  The database jars generated by xsd2db can be placed in the classpath, and if Hibernate is configured to read from both of them, then you can process data based on any or all of those XSDs in the same app.

        As for what it does with "anyAttribute" and the "any" element, it will do whatever JAXB does, since the XML-to-Java mapping is a "call-down" to JAXB's functionality.

        Hope this helps...