We implemented XML:DB in a product and have been wondering also about the future of XML:DB.  We were very encouraged to find that OGSA DAI (Grid Database)uses XML:DB.  And it is used by Apache Cocoon.

Per, what is the next step?  Refinement of the API spec towards standardization?


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I am tied up in another project and cannot spend time on XML:DB development
right now. Even if there is very low activity the project will not become
inactive for quite some time since the api is used by Xindice, eXist and
Ozone and also implemented by several commercial vendors. It would be good
though, if someone with some spare time could take the lead for then next

Best regards,
måndagen den 18 oktober 2004 21.10 skrev Jens Köcke:
> Hi,
> well it's been quite a while since something happened to this project.
> Is it still active?

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