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This release features login functionality as well as titles display.
There is no error in r388 release (as one review suggests), you just have to follow the instructions in the wiki. don't forget to put your login-db data into the grabber, too.

Posted by Amras Taralom 2010-01-06

Upcoming: Login-Functionality

The next big step is just ahead: XMLArsenal will allow login & functions that require login as does the Blizzard arsenal. Login is already complete but useless without the other functions.

Posted by Amras Taralom 2009-12-13

SVN & sourceforge

Since the sourceforge svn is incredibly slow I have decided to further rely on the rising-gods svn system. There will be no svn access for the public but I will publish new stable versions of the Arsenal as soon as they become available.

Posted by Amras Taralom 2009-12-13