#117 Call drops on callee side after ~30 seconds



I recently downloaded version 0.4 preview 2 in order to see if I can make SIP calls with my account, as it doesn't work at all with the latest stable version.

As described by other posts a long time ago, after around 30 seconds, I do not hear any sound any more, although XMeeting continues telling me that I am still in the call. On the other side, the called person gets the busy tone... What can be the problem of this? If I use any other tool, it works perfectly. Is there any buffer problem, as this behaviour always appears after about the same time?

I upload and attach the corresponding log file, maybe it helps you. Note that I just opened XMeeting, placed a call and waited for the described behaviour, then quit the tool, that's all what should be in the file.

Thanks a lot in advance!


  • Log file for dropped call

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  • David

    Same problem here. When I'm called from Xmeeting (latest preview version), using linphone to receive the call, the call drops after 35 seconds. During the 35 seconds, everything is right, I can here the other side and the other side can hear me.

    If I receive the phone call from xmeeting via a hardware SIP phone that sits behind a siproxd proxy, everything works fine even for calls longer then 35 seconds.