Formatting error bars

  • I want all my error bars to be thin black lines. I have the two options cleared under 'Error bar style' in user preferences. However, the error bars are created with the same color and weight as the data series (ie as if these boxes were ticked). I'm using Excel 2007 sp2  and version 2.73.

  • Daniel Kraus
    Daniel Kraus


    I'm unable to reproduce the problem on my machine. Are you using the "automatic" or the "interactive" error bar function? The interactive function has its own set of check boxes, as you surely have noticed. These are independent of the ones set in the Preferences.

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  • Deleting the bars and reapplying solved the problem. I think it was because I had previously applied them using Excel's tools - even though these were also black, this seems to have confused things.



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