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  • I have a little issue with the export charts:

    For a multi-graph figure, I arrange them and select the lot (e.g. 4 graphs in a block). When they arrive in Irfanview, their dimensions are not maintained by default, but typically stretched.

    I have played with resizing a bit, 'keep aspect ratio' or whatever and have got things out, but forget how between times. Surely I am missing something, because things should be printed as selected on screen??

  • Daniel Kraus
    Daniel Kraus

    Hm, it works fine on this end…

    What file format are your exporting into, and what is the color model and the resolution? Is it being stretched vertically or horizontally?

  • Hi

    Thanks for the response. I haven't had a chance to play with it much more yet, so will report when I do.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Daniel

    First of all thanks for the great add-on for Excel! We have a similar problem here. While exporting a chart for publications with the settings TIF, 500 dpi, Black & White we obtain an image stretched vertically, I would say that the pixel ratio got 1:2 instead of 1:1. We repeated the operation with the same settings but in Grayscale and we obtained the right file without any issues. If you need it we can send you the workbook to test the error!



  • Daniel Kraus
    Daniel Kraus


    I'm afraid I cannot reproduce the problem on my system -- would you be so kind as to sending me the chart that causes this misbehavior? You may e-mail it to xltoolbox gmx net (insert 'at' and a dot where appropriate). Thanks.


  • Anonymous


    I found this add-in looking for a way to produce high quality images from a Report I create in Excel 2010. Is there an easy to incorporate the export functionality into a macros that I could automate this process, which I do monthly.



  • Anonymous

    Hii Daniel,
    Thank you for this special add-on in excel.

    This is a wonderful add-on for the excel especially used to export high res graphs while writing a publication. But I am getting a bug while exporting the graphs and it would be very helpful for me if you can sort out this. Details of the bug are given below.

    The error message I am getting is

    Unable to create a canvas to draw the image. This indicates a problem with the windows GDI graphic sub system. (System message : code & H5, 'Access denied').

  • Daniel Kraus
    Daniel Kraus


    do you experience this error every time you attempt to export an image? Have you tried to export different images, and have you tried closing and restarting Excel or rebooting Windows? What version of Office and Windows are you using? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

    I've heard about this error before, but I need more information to try and hunt down the bug. There is nothing on the Internet about Windows denying access to its graphics capabilities (which is what this error message is telling you).

    Kind regards



  • Anonymous

    I run into the same issue: System message : code & H5, 'Access denied'

    It happens everytime I try to export an image for publishing.

    "normal" (low-res) export works fine with same charts.

    restarting excel or windows does not help.

    I tried exporting as tif or png RGB/24 with same result.

    windows7(64bit) up2date with excel 2010 (32bit)

    exporting black/white with same chart works.

    grey-scale does not work with identical error as RGB/24 export.

    lowering width/hight or resolution does not help.

  • Ralf

    found this by googling the "&H5" error, same issue here. Also only for RGB 24

  • Daniel Kraus
    Daniel Kraus

    This is a very hard nut to crack. I've never experienced this error myself despite running the XL Toolbox on many different computers.

    Would someone be able to send me a file with a graphic in it that causes the problem? It could help me a lot. I must say though that Windows is not very verbose in its error messages, which makes it very difficult to debug problems like this one.

    You can add a file as an attachment to this forum, or send it to me at xltoolbox gmx net (insert an At sign and a dot where appropriate).



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