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Version 1.7 released with support for XLSX file format

The new version of XlsJdbc is now also supporting XLSX files beside XLS files

Posted by André Schild 2013-06-19

Version 1.4 released

The new 1.4 relase fixes the problem, where sometimes the last row of a excel file is not returned.
It looks like a bug in POI 2.5, so we have implemented a workarround for it.

Posted by André Schild 2004-12-13

Version 1.3 released

The new 1.3 release has better support for non-date dates in excel files.

Sometimes dates are stored as strings in excel files, instead of the internal date format.
xlsjdbc can now convert these strings into dates.

Posted by André Schild 2004-12-10

Initial release of files

Today we got all files uploaded to sourceforge.
We the made a initial release, so other interested peoples can access them.
And I hope we may find other developers interested in enhancing this package.
There is still room for improvements ;-)

Posted by André Schild 2002-04-27