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  • Vicente Soler
    Vicente Soler


    I find the idea of using python scripts with excel models very exciting. However, from the documentation in the main page I am not able to set up my system in order to make these two tools work together.

    Could you please provive some more information, possibly in a "procedural" way: that is, first do this, then do that, then try…

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Vicente Soler
    Barcelona Spain

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith


    Here is a small tutorial - I will stick this on the website soon:

    1. Download xlloop and unzip.
    2. Create new folder (eg.) c:\xlloop_test
    3. Copy xlloop-0.3.0.xll from the download into the folder at 2.
    4. Rename the file to MyPythonAddin.xll
    5. Copy server-example.py and xlloop.py from the download in the folder at 2.
    7. Start Excel.
    8. Go to the menu Tools->Addins…
    9. Click on Browse…
    10. Go to the folder at 2. and select MyPythonAddin.xll.
    11. You should see "MyPythonAddin" in the list - make sure it is ticked.
    12. Click Ok.
    13. Open a command line and go to the folder at 2.
    14. Run "python server-example.py"
    15. In the Excel sheet type the function =FS("test")
    16. This should return a random number each time you evaluate it.
    17. Also try =FS("ArgsTest", 123), which should return 123.

    Hope that helps!


  • Hi,

    thanks for posting the steps above - i'm trying to do this with the ruby server.

    Follow all the steps, but when i enter an RB command in excel, receive a "could not connect to server" error.

    I can telnet the host / port for the RB server ok, but excel cant seem to find it.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!