Xkins 1.0.0 Released

Release 1.0.0:
Finally, the 1.0.0 release has came. In fact, there are not to many changes, just a few things and bugfixes.
This release is in fact the 1.0 one that should have been last year.

Next release I'll be working in XkinsFaces release. I think that a combination Shale+MyFaces+XkinsFaces could be great.
Hope I have a little more time.

1) You can place the xkin-definition.xml files in the WEB-INF/ directory or in the classpath.
2) Server tag: Tghis new Tag in xkin definition file allows you to place resources in other server.

Bug Correction:
1) AutoReloader thread: This thread was not being started as a daemon, so when you sopt the web container in unix you have to kill the java process. Now its a deaemon.

Posted by Guillermo Meyer 2005-04-30