Syncing to LTC


  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
         I'm currently trying to hook up xjadeo to take LTC input over the audio in jack.  I found a sample LTC .wav file that is about 25 sec. long that I'm playing on an external device through the audio in.  I can't figure out how to get xjadeo to detect that and sync to it.  Thanks!

  • Robin Gareus
    Robin Gareus

    Which Operating system? Which version of xjadeo ? where are you stuck?

    on GNU/Linux: start `xjadeo -l video-file` and a jack-audio port will appear that understands LTC.  You can also use the qjadeo GUI and select Menu->Sync->LTC (JACK).

    Play the LTC file e.g. with `mplayer -ao jack ltc.wav` and connect mplayer to xjadeo's LTC in.

    If it does not react: try `xjadeo -l -verbose -i3 <video-file>` option: It may be that the timecode in the LTC is past the end of your video-file.

    If there's no output, please post or upload the LTC file. xjadeo is known to work fine with LTC audio generated from some cameras, some keyboards and test-sounds made with libltcsmpte.