How to mount in Eclipse?

  • Hi, Im a brazilian developer and I think you have a very cool project. :)
    I'd like to mount it in eclipse, so I could make/test/debug my apllications in it. I thought that all I need to do would be to import the files using the provided ant files, but it did not worked very well, since eclipse importer waits for ant files with javac tasks.
    Of course I can manually import the directories and files, and this is not a big deal, but I got intrigued about how you develop the code and manage the projects, I guess it is not using only the ant files. :))) Do you use a configured eclipse workspace? netbeans? Any tips about the better way to create my eclipse workspace?

    []s, ricardo

    • Deane Richan
      Deane Richan

      Hi Ricardo,

      If you are trying to build the complete Xito and all modules first off. Make sure you are checking out form subversion not CVS. The subversion source is the latest.

      I have used eclipse and netbeans in the past but I mostly build the project from ant and run from ant.

      Is there any particular module you are trying to work with.


      • Hi, thanks for your fast answer. :)

        I did the checkout from svn, and now I will probably mount it in eclipse. I'll use the bootstrap and the basic modules, prefs, jdic, launcher, and make two modules, one that will substitute the appmanager, and another that will be a service module.
        I dont think I will have any problem with the code, It looks pretty straightforward, I'm only a little worried about code organization, since there is a difference between the source code directories and the final deployed directory structure. ;)

        I'll tell you later what happens.:)

        []s, Ricardo.

        • Deane Richan
          Deane Richan

          Sounds Good,

          Basically when you build the modules it should create the launch directory structure in the build folder.

          You want to run the boot.jar and place a file next to the boot jar. Then bootstrap will load up all your modules.

          Let me know if you have any problems