xins 2.1 beta 2 released

  • Hello,

    Lex Uijthof and I have just released XINS 2.1-beta2.

    The main new changes are:
    * Updated user guide with 2.1 features.
    * Possibility to set description for xins-project.xml.
    * Upgraded Log4J and docbook XSLT libraries.
    * A few bug fixes.


    * XINS/Java Server Framework:
      - The input parameters are cloned using another method than calling the
        clone method as the Map could be something else than ChainedMap.
      - If the CallingConvention#convertRequest throws an InvalidRequestException,
        the stack trace of the cause is printed.

    * XINS/Java Common Library:
      - Added more help text for the command java -jar <api name>.war -help.
      - Temporary files created by the internal Servlet container should be deleted
        when stopped.

    * Generation of server-side Java code:
      - Fixed add methods was generated for input data section element instead of
        list methods.

    * Generation of specdocs:
      - Added xins-project description to the main specdocs index.html.

    * Generated build file:
      - The clean target regenerates a fresh build.xml. This allows to append
        commands such as 'xins clean war-myapi'.
      - The clean-<api name> also removes the main build.xml and regenerates a
        fresh one.

    * Tools:
      - Added Glean in the download-tools target.

    * Build- and release-process:
      - Download JMX is needed to rebuild xins binaries.

    * Libraries:
      - Upgraded Log4J to 1.2.15.
      - Upgraded docbook XSLT to 1.73.2.
      - Upgraded xins-docs/lib to FOP 0.94.

    * Examples:
      - Fixed the org.xins.server.config property should be passed to the test
        target in the nbbuild.xml file.

    * Documentation:
      - Added XINS 2.1 features to the user guide.
      - Added chapter about integration with other frameworks to the user guide.

    * DTD:
      - Added possibility to have a description in the xins-project.xml.