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xins 2.0 beta 1 released

  • Hello,

    Today I've released XINS 2.0 Beta 1.

    The main changes since XINS 2.0 alpha 6 are:
    * Better integration with the Spring framework.
    * Added new utility methods in BeanUtils.
    * The server will fail if a runtime property is defined twice.
    * Added new _SMD meta function (for DOJO toolkit).
    * Added smd target to create the SMD (Simple Method Description) file.
    * Fixed the _ReloadProperties meta function.
    * Cleaner output when executing xins script.



    * XINS/Java Common Library:
      - Fixed missing _list, _set and _hex in the list of the possible pre-defined
        types in the spec package.
      - Added convertion in BeanUtils from ItemList to a Collection and vice-versa.
      - Added convertion in BeanUtils from Java Date to a XINS Date or Timestamp
        and vice-versa.
      - Added a new method in BeanUtils to get the parameters of the Request (on
        the server side) or of the Result (on the client side) as standard Java
      - Added a new method in BeanUtils to be able to provide a mapping of
        element names and/or attribute name for the xmlToObject method.
      - Removed old deprecated methods of the Servlet container package.
      - Fixed incorrect links in the Javadoc.
      - Added new public method BeanUtils.convert() for objects convertion.
      - Added the possibility to change the local name of an XML element.
      - Fixed possible NullPointerException in BeanUtils.xmlToObject().
      - Added new method in IOReader to read the bytes of an InputStream.
      - Added new package org.xins.common.spring to ease integration with the
        Spring framework.

    * XINS/Java Server Framework:
      - Removed unused variables in API.java.
      - Removed some methods and constructors in ResultCode.java.
      - Removed unneeded log messages about the calling convention.
      - Replaced the templates.callingconvention.source property of the _xins-xslt
        CC to templates.<api name>.xins-xslt.source.
      - Removed the templates.callingconvention.parameter runtime property for the
        xins-xslt CC.
      - Added the templates.parameter.prefix for the xins-xslt CC that defines the
        prefix of the _template parameter. If not set or empty, the _template
        parameter is not allowed.
      - Fixed incorrect links in the Javadoc.
      - Added JSON as library for the Javadoc.
      - The FunctionResult.checkOutputParameters() method is now public in order
        to enable external validation.
      - If a runtime property is set more than once in the runtime property file
        the API will log it as an error and fail to start.
      - Fixed _ReloadProperties meta function which was doing nothing when the
        watch interval was different of 0.
      - Clone the input parameters in the SessionManager to avoid
      - The public constants defined in APIServlet have been moved to the more
        appropriate class.
      - Reduced the visility of the constants from public to private, friendly or
      - The statistics are now detailed per default.
      - Fixed possible NullPointerException in the xins-xslt cc.
      - Added logging of the location of the XSLT when loading and compiling a page.
      - Fixed transformation error when shared error code is used.
      - Added _SMD meta function for better integration with DOJO toolkit.
      - Used the put method to fill in the JSON object instead of append.
      - Removed unneeded creation of error code in APIImpl.java.
      - Fixed errors with shared error code.
      - Generated error code are now public.
      - Methods in the SOAP calling convention are protected in order to ease
        custom parsing and creation of SOAP messages.
      - Renamed templates.parameter.prefix runtime property to
        templates.<api name>.xins-xslt.parameter.prefix.

    * Generation of the API from the WSDL:
      - Added more comments in the code.
      - When recursively going into complex types, add a prefix to the element
      - Added declaration of the lists in the api.xml.

    * Generation of the unit tests:
      - Added Javadoc to the tests.

    * Generation of the web.xml:
      - Added the build java version used to compile the API.

    * Generated build file:
      - Added json.jar as a dependency in the WAR file.
      - Added the build java version used to compile the API.
      - Removed unneeded comment printed to the console.
      - The NoBannerLogger is now used when executing the build.xml.
      - If a category changes, the index.html of the specdocs should also be
      - The WSDL should be regenerated when the specifications change.
      - Generated files depending on the content of types and error code should
        also be regenerated when a shared type or shared error code changes.

    * XSLT:
      - Moved the class fields before the constructor.
      - Changed the default indentation in editable generated Java files to 4
        spaces as specified in the Java coding convention.
        If you use another indentation, use the 'Reformat code' feature of your
        favorite IDE.
      - Avoid unnecesasry if condition in checkParameters().

    * Tools:
      - Added new 'smd' target that generates the SMD (Simple Method Description)
        file for an API.
        The location of the API can be specified with the smd.endpoint build
      - Upgraded maven to 1.5.2.
      - Improved use of nbbrowse task in NetBeans to open a local file correctly.
      - Added debug fix (apply patch) in the project pop-up menu in NetBeans.

    * Build- and release-process:
      - Changed the package-maven target to the maven target.
      - The maven target now also upload the created jar file to sourceforge and
        print the issue to create in Maven.
      - Added Javadoc to the Maven modules.