xins 2.3-beta1 released

  • I've just released XINS 2.3-beta1.
    This release contains several bug fixes and also new features:
    - Allow JMX port to be specified.
    - _GetStatistics for just one function.
    - Added create-project.
    - Client side transaction logging

    A special thanks to Ernst de Haan for his contribution to this release.
    You can download it at

    Best regards,
    Anthony Goubard


    * XINS/Java Common Library:
      - Fixed bug #2816605: IllegalArgumentException declared but not thrown.
      - Fixed bug #1861794: Log message 1301 is logged at wrong time.
      - Fixed bug #2815318: A null Element attribute is counted as an attribute.
      - RFE #1864466: Let CallException indicate whether fail-over is allowed.

    * XINS/Java Server Framework:
      - Use Log4J NDC instead of ThreadLocal to store session in xins FF.
      - Reversed use of Log4J NDC in xins FF.
      - Creation of the API using the constructor of APIImpl.
      - RFE #2949336: _GetStatistics for just one function.

    * XINS/Java Client Framework:
      - RFE #2932709: Added transaction logging on the client side.

    * Unit tests:
      - Fixed empty lines in XSLT tests.
      - Added tests for equals with XML Elements.

    * Generation of server-side Java code:
      - Removed static SINGLETON field in APIImpl.
      - Functions are now created in the constructor of the API.

    * Generated build file:
      - Added create-project.
      - Call of xins version is done in the make-build.xml.
      - RFE #2947915: Allow JMX port to be specified.
      - Excluded API name from the Maven groupId.

    * Build- and release-process:
      - The releases now need to be uploaded via the browser.
      - Fixed unresolved classes for Netbeans.
      - Added Netbeans 6.7 project files.

    * Librairies:
      - Removed JSP and DTD files from servlet.jar as not needed.

    * DTD:
      - Added DTD files for XINS 2.3.

    * Documentation:
      - Fixed some broken links in the calling convention primer.