xins 2.1 alpha 2 released

  • I've just released XINS 2.1 alpha 2

    The main new changes are:
    * Possibility to start the API with 'java -jar <api name>.war' even if XINS is not installed.
    * Possibility to define the calling convention accepted or denied in the ACL property.
    * Multi-threaded internal Servlet container.
    * Refactored the generated the generated build.xml which is now much smaller and uses less memory.
    * Improved generated OpenDocument Format with colors, fonts and many more.
    * Added new target javadoc-test-<api name>
    * Many bug fixes.


    * XINS/Java Common Library:
      - Fixed null values were put in the Map when using the
        BeanUtils#getParameters method.
      - The ServletClassLoader can detect the xins-common.jar using the XINS_HOME
        environment variable if needed.
      - Added automatic detection of the WAR file in the HTTPServletStarter when
        not passed as paramter.
      - Added possibility to pass the ClassLoader mode to the HTTPServletStarter.
      - Added new Ant task similar to the <xslt /> task with the option to never
        overwrite the destination files.
      - Added possibility to handle several request at the same time in the
        internal Servlet container (multi-threaded).

    * XINS/Java Server Framework:
      - Fixed the way the was loaded when no org.xins.server.config
        is set was incorrect.
      - Implement RFE #1624142: ACLs for calling conventions.
        /!\ The allow methods have a new argument (that can be null).
      - Added getName and setName methods in the calling convention classes.

    * Generation of the opendoc:
      - Added colors to the examples.
      - Enlarged the example tables.
      - Added colors to the table headers.
      - Added the categories after the API description.
      - Use Courier New font for element names.
      - Added light gray borders to the tables.
      - Reduce the use of bold fonts.
      - Fixed missing uppercase for input and output section.
      - Fixed the description of the function, parameters and error was just the
        first sentence.
      - Fixed support for <em> element in descriptions.
      - Fixed the "4" appearing before closing an element example.

    * Generated build file:
      - Added javadoc-test-<api name> to get the Javadoc of the unit tests.
      - Added possibility to execute the API using 'java -jar <api name>.war'
      - Replaced create-project.xslt and tools.xslt with build-create.xml and
        build-tools.xml as most of the code doesn't need to be dynamically
      - Added build-apis.xml which contains static content of the old generated
        build.xml. This result in the reduction of the size of the generated
      - Several bug fixes and optimalization during the refactoring.
      - The dependency libraries have been added to the classpath for the run and
        test targets.

    * Documentation:
      - Changed <style /> in <xslt /> in the xins-docs/build.xml.

    * Build- and release-process:
      - Fixed incorrect location of the icon for the Windows installer.

    * Other:
      - Fixed the package list for XINS and log4j.
      - Added the package-list for JUnit.
      - Added more debug sources for the nbbuild.xml of the petstore.