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Read Me

xine-lib for Debian

This library is (part of) the official successor of the xine video player.
xine used to ship as two binary packages, one main player and an extra DVD
plugin, so you could replace that with one that supports CSS.
With this version, a better Plugin architecture is introduced, so you can have
several DVD plugins in parallel.
Unfortunately, there is no Debian package for any CSS capable, 0.5 compatible
plugin yet.

You can build one from source, though.
Two of the most famous plugins are: (stable, plays most DVDs, simple setup) (tries to support navigation, still fails on many DVDs)

If this all sounds strange to you, or maybe you're looking for Debian packaged
plugins, just read the DVD story that came with xine:

The CSS plugin story...

xine, as supported by upstream supports reading DVDs via an input plugin
(available as package xine-dvd in Debian). But this plugin is restricted to
non-encrypted DVDs, ie. a very small fraction of the DVDs currently

This is due to some legal uncertainties surrounding the CSS ("Content
Scrambling System") descrambling code: Lots of people think that it's no
problem (ie. "fair use") to use CSS descrambling software to watch DVDs with
any player they like, but this has not been proven in court yet...

Currently, there is no "official" css plugin for xine, but unofficial
ones is available from several sites. One of these packages, the "captain_css"
plugin, has even been packaged for Debian. it is available in some apt-gettable
archives, so you can easily install it after adding one (or more) of these
lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list :

deb woody css
deb woody css

DISCLAIMER: This is an absolutely incomplete list, provided just for your
            convenience. Please notify the maintainer of this package
            at <> if you know of any other sources!

If you want to get the plugin manually, you can use one of these sites:
(the disclaimer still applies)

original source:

debian packages:

 -- Siggi Langauf <>, Sun,  5 Aug 2001 20:26:31 +0200