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File Date Author Commit
debian 2004-05-15 Siggi Langauf Siggi Langauf [9d2606] new package
doc 2004-09-16 Stephen Torri Stephen Torri [882fd2] Updated configure.ac version
include 2004-09-06 František Dvořák František Dvořák [2373b1] Updates:
intl 2004-08-27 František Dvořák František Dvořák [6f4d66] MINGW32 port. Engine library and most of plugin...
m4 2004-09-07 Conrad Parker Conrad Parker [64ffc3] fix broken include in TRY_LINK configure test f...
misc 2004-09-11 Manfred Tremmel Manfred Tremmel [c63e00] added missing Requires-Statements in the subpac...
po 2004-09-16 Stephen Torri Stephen Torri [9fa822] Update the interface numbering
src 2004-09-16 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [b37c76] new DVD MRL parser (refactored into two new fun...
win32 2004-09-08 František Dvořák František Dvořák [02273d] Ignore generated files..
.cvsignore 2003-12-24 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [f66958] small cleanup
.cvsversion 2002-05-03 Siggi Langauf Siggi Langauf [1d408c] switches to libtool versioning
ABOUT-NLS 2001-12-27 Daniel Caujolle-Bert Daniel Caujolle-Bert [483e8d] Add intl support + more logging messages.
AUTHORS 2004-09-12 Andre Pang Andre Pang [079f66] Update AUTHORS with accurate Annodex/CMML info
COPYING 2001-04-18 Daniel Caujolle-Bert Daniel Caujolle-Bert [819815] Initial revision
CREDITS 2004-07-21 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [3f5aed] new goom2k4-dev18 includes almost all of my war...
ChangeLog 2004-09-14 James Stembridge James Stembridge [a00686] ffmpeg H.264/AVC decoder doesn't handle all str...
INSTALL 2004-02-17 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [dce05a] update text to autoconf 2.57
Makefile.am 2004-09-09 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [8a1604] make distcheck-lax works again
NEWS 2001-04-18 Daniel Caujolle-Bert Daniel Caujolle-Bert [819815] Initial revision
README 2003-10-26 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [f3739f] homepage change
TODO 2004-09-12 Michael Roitzsch Michael Roitzsch [8f1f3b] that one is done
autogen.sh 2004-09-05 Stephen Torri Stephen Torri [c7f03b] autogen.sh:
automake.diff 2001-06-14 Daniel Caujolle-Bert Daniel Caujolle-Bert [837da0] Kill the recurrent libXv.so problem with MDK.
configure.ac 2004-09-16 Stephen Torri Stephen Torri [e79585] Missed version change

Read Me


       free multimedia

xine-lib is a free multimedia engine, released under the GPL.

see the doc/ directory for more information about xine-lib. You will find
various README files, FAQ and developer documentation (xine hacker's guide)
there. Developers will find additional documentation for xine interfaces
in the form of header file comments in the xine sources (for example the
xine-lib API is documented in the include/xine.h header file).

Individual frontends (e.g. xine-ui, gxine, totem, ...) may provide
additional documentation in their packages.

For more information on xine features (supported multimedia formats etc.)
see the xine homepage, located at http://xinehq.de/