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Guenter Bartsch <guenter@users.sourceforge.net>
  project lead, main xine programming

Daniel Caujolle-Bert <f1rmb@users.sourceforge.net>
  various suggestions, bug and build fixes, alsa plugin,
  main xine-ui programming

Siegfried Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>
  Debian package, user support, project administration,
  plugin loader

Miguel Freitas <miguel@cetuc.puc-rio.br>
  many bug and deadlock fixes, engine maintenance, soft deinterlacer,
  massive libwin32 updates

Heiko Schaefer <heikos@users.sourceforge.net>
  FreeBSD support, testing, ideas

Rich Wareham <richwareham@removethis.users.sourceforge.net>
  subtitle support, navigation, libdvdnav

Rocky Bernstein ~/<rocky@removethis.panix.com>
  Enhanced VCD support

James Courtier-Dutton <James@superbug.demon.co.uk>
  AC3 direct out via spdif on oss, subtitle interface, audio_output

Juergen Keil <jk@tools.de>
  solaris port and other bugfixes

Matthias Hopf <Matthias.Hopf@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de>
  IRIX port, video out interface, opengl video output

Thibaut Mattern <tmattern@noos.fr>
  demuxer cleanups and fixes, mms input plugin fixes, xml parser,
  mmsh protocol support

Michael Roitzsch <mroi@users.sourceforge.net>
  several dxr3 fixes, massive engine contributions, multistream and
  post plugin architecture, DVD navigation

Mike Melanson <melanson@pcisys.net>
  a whole bunch of file demuxers, lots of audio and video decoders,
  assorted other input sources and utilities

Robin KAY <komadori@myrealbox.com>
  pgx64[fb] video output plugin, WVE demuxer, MNG demuxer, EA ADPCM
  decoder, SunPro compiler fixes, various bugfixes

Stephen Torri <storri@users.sourceforge.net>
  Automake, autoconf, libtool development, and build fixes,
  health check

Stefan Holst <mail@s-holst.de>
  real media streaming support, input_net fixes

xine is using

  mpeg2dec - a free MPEG-2 video stream decoder
  liba52   - a free A/52 audio stream decoder
    Written by Aaron Holtzman <aholtzma@ess.engr.uvic.ca>
    maintained and massively enhanced by Michel Lespinasse <walken@zoy.org>

  libmpg123 - a free MPEG audio decoder
    Written by Michael Hipp <http://www.mpg123.de>

  FFmpeg - Streaming Multimedia System
    Written by Fabrice Bellard <http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net>

  libmad - MPEG audio decoder
    Written by Robert Leslie <http://www.mars.org/home/rob/proj/mpeg/>

  avifile (Win32 codecs and DirectShow support) <http://avifile.sf.net>
    Written by Eugene Kuznetsov and Zdenek Kabelac

  FAAD2 - Freeware Advanced Audio Decoder version 2
    Written by M. Bakker <http://www.audiocoding.com/>

  GSM 06.10 Lossy Speech Compression Library
    Written by Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann

  win32 codec support (windows media / quicktime / real codecs) is based on work from:
    avifile http://avifile.sf.net
    MPlayer http://www.mplayerhq.hu/
    wine    http://www.winehq.com

  some demuxers and decoders (especially the real demuxer) and
  MMX/MMX2/SSE memcpy methods (among other things) are based on work from
    MPlayer http://www.mplayerhq.hu/

  the vidix video system from
    MPlayerXP http://mplayerxp.sf.net/

  VCD interpretation code in the extended VCD plugin from VCDImager
   by Herbert Valerio Riedel http://vcdimager.org 

  Goom - visual effects generator 
    Written by Jean-Christophe Hoelt et. al.

  Nosefart v1.92 - NES Music Simulator
    Written by Matt Conte


  many thanks to the Linux Video and DVD Project "LiViD"
  (http://www.linuxvideo.org/), where the original ideas for the xine
  video player came from.

Alan Cox
  bug fixes, net-input-plugin

Alexander G. Rubio <rubio@c2i.net>
  many thanks for those great skins to

Marc Bufe <nylon@users.sourceforge.net>
  web design

Hugo Trippaers <spark@ision.nl>
  Xinerama support

Roland Barmettler <roli@freestone.net>
  NTSC aspect ratio patches

nakamura <pdf30044@biglobe.ne.jp>
  Liner PCM patch

Bruno Schwander <bruno.schwander@technologist.com>
Soren Schmidt <sos@freebsd.dk>
  input_vcd code for FreeBSD

Christoph Pittracher <pitt@gmx.at>
  pitt skin

Dave Gilbert <gilbertd@treblig.org>
  alpha support

Bastien Nocera <hadess@hadess.net>
  powerpc patch

Philip Stadermann <pstadermann@gmx.de>
  arts audio server support, kde frontend

Jérôme Villette <villette@chem.leidenuniv.nl>
  'xinetic', 'CelomaGold', 'CelomaMdk', 'CelomaChrome', 'Centori' 
and 'Keramic' skins.

Bill Fink <billfink@mindspring.com>
  powerpc patches, oss output softsync, "skip by chapter" feature

Gert Vervoort <Gert.Vervoort@wxs.nl>
  LPCM audio decoder plugin, ffmpeg aspect ratio

Peter Weissgerber <peterw2000@altavista.de>
  alsa 05 plugin fixes

Alfredo J. Delaiti alfredodelaiti@netscape.net
  FAQ spanish translation

Marco Solari <marcosolari@libero.it>
  FAQ and README italian translation

Luis Silva <luix.silvix@clix.pt>
  xine about movie

Harm van der Heijden <hrm@users.sourceforge.net>
  libdivx4 plugin, dxr3 support and encoding

Chris Rankin <rankinc@pacbell.net>
  configurable VCD device patch, rv40 support

Andrew Meredith <andrew@anvil.org>
  Snapshot feature

Stefan Reinauer <stepan@suse.de>
  ia64, s/390 patches

Bartlomiej Muryn <forever@klub.chip.pl>
  README.dxr3 and .po Polish translations, dxr3 testing

Damien Clermonte <damien.clermonte@free.fr>
  http input plugin patches

Matthias Dahl <matthew2k@web.de>
  syncfb video-out plugin, XF86VidMode support, FAQ/README overhaul,

Marcelo Roberto Jimenez <mroberto@cetuc.puc-rio.br>
  w32dll audio and xine-ui bugfixes

George Staikos <staikos@0wned.org>
  xinerama bugfixes

Juan Manuel Garc? Molina <juanmagm@mail.com>
  spanish internationalization files.

Jeffrey W. Baker <jwbaker@acm.org>
  altivec support for libmpeg2

Gurer Ozen <madcat@users.sourceforge.net>
  gtk+ frontend

Tommi Asiala <sir@kase.fi>
  Readme in Finnish

Daniel Erat <dan_erat@pobox.com>
  'cloudy' skin.

Ewald Snel <ewald@rambo.its.tudelft.nl>
  metronom sync loop fix, safe ffmpeg multithread init, memleak fixes

Bruno Pinaud <bpinaud@wanadoo.fr>
  french translation updates/fixes.

Philipp Matthias Hahn <pmhahn@titan.lahn.de>
  many translation files and man pages updates/fixes

Tomas Kovar <tomask@mac.com>
  slovak internationalization files (xine lib), xvid support

Daniel Bena <Daniel.Bena@dm-drogeriemarkt.sk>
  slovak internationalization files (xine ui).

Scott Smith <ssmith@akamai.com>
  yuv2rgb optimizations and downscaling support

Jirka Novak <j.novak@netsystem.cz>
  font encoding support for avi subtitles

Michael Jochum <e9725005@stud3.tuwien.ac.at>
  avi multiple audio stream support

Andrei Lahun <Uman@editec-lotteries.com>
  mms/browser plugin enhancements, asf fixes

Sergiy Kudryk <linux_ua@yahoo.com>
  ukrainian internationalization files (xine ui).

Frantisek Dvorak <valtri@atlas.cz>
  czech internationalization files (xine lib/ui).

Ian Goldberg <ian@cypherpunks.ca>
  streaming AVI support (plays growing files), >2GB AVI files

Rogerio Brito <rbrito@ime.usp.br>
  C version for linear blend deinterlacer

Tim Ferguson <timf@mail.csse.monash.edu.au>
  CYUV, RoQ, and Id CIN video decoders

Andrew Patrikalakis <anrp@irulethe.net>
  powerpc assembly memcpy() implementaions with assistance from
    Rogerio Brito <rbrito@iname.com>
    Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>
    Michel Dzer <daenzer@debian.org>

Giovanni Baronetti and Mauro Borghi <mauro.borghi@tilab.com>
  demux_ts fixes and improvements

Carsten Weinhold <news.cw@gmx.net>
  patch to improve quality of linearblend filter, new AV sync
  method by resampling audio.

Claire Griffin <claire@comedia.com>
  demux_ts fixes for ATSC streams

Staszek Pasko <staszek@evopolska.com>
  binary index search for avi demuxer

Dan Lindstrom <lindstromd@gmx.net>
  64-bit Quicktime fixes

Andres Salomon <dilinger@voxel.net>
  memory leakage fixes

Pierre Lombard <p-l-42@wanadoo.fr>
  patch to avoid loss of first line in linearblend deinterlacer

Igor Mokrushin <igor@avtomir.ru>
  Software stereo volume control for aRts

Roberto Togni <rtogni@bresciaonline.it>
  RPZA video decoder

Mario Brito <mbrito@student.dei.uc.pt>
  Wing Commander III video decoder

Howdy Pierce <howdy@cardinalpeak.com>
  pgx64 memory corruption patch, xshm bounds check patch
  demux_ts bugfixes

James Slorach  <jrs47@janx.org>
  fix for wrong abs() macro, deinterlacing fix

Steffen Lorscheider <loli@users.sourceforge.net>
  gui programming

Paul Flinders <paul@dawa.demon.co.uk>
  stdin/net plugin testing/bugfixes, audio downsampling

Joachim Koenig <Joachim.Koenig@gmx.net>
  teletux/syncfb video output module, various bugfixes/reviews, alsa

Christian Bauer <cbauer@student.physik.uni-mainz.de>
  gui bugfixes (wm support, clean exit)

Eduard Hasenleithner <eduardh@aon.at>
  dxr3 support

Christian Vogler <cvogler@gradient.cis.upenn.edu>
  closed caption decoding, osd fixes

Dennis Bjorklund <db@zigo.dhs.org>
  configurable size of avi subtitles, patch to fix flashing subtitles in

Xavier Izard <xizard@enib.fr>
  Xinerama fullscreen bugfix.

Anders D. Wiehe <anders@wiehe.org>
  OSD stream informations patch.

Zoltán Böszörményi <zboszor@freemail.hu>
  tremendous help in porting sputext to 1.0 API

Micael Beronius <micael.beronius@telia.com>
Chris Purnell <cjp@lost.org.uk>
  DVB plugin port to new API, DVB-C support, updates, fixes

James Stembridge <jstembridge@gmx.net>
  several VIDIX driver updates and improvements
  support for HuffYUV decoder

Mattias Eriksson <snaggen@acc.umu.se>
  ported nvtv/tvmode code
John McCutchan <ttb@tentacle.dhs.org>
  flac demuxer and decoder

Fredrik Noring <noring@nocrew.org>
  linux fb frontend. improved fb driver with zero copy

Marco Zühlke <MZuehlke@myrealbox.com>
  visualization improvements

Julio Sánchez <j.sanchezf@terra.es>
  patch for drawing OSD bitmaps

Stuart Caie <kyzer@4u.net>
  Playstation STR file demuxer, CD-ROM/XA ADPCM decoder

Markus Plail <xine-user@gitteundmarkus.de>
  DTS passthrough improvements

(let us know if we've forgotten anyone)