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I have commented out the 'root' section of the configure.ac. This part was

looking for the directory of where to install the xine m4 script. Checking
the gnu.org web page and mailing list I found out that we are already doing
what we need without do anything special like determining if root is
running the configure script. If someone does not define ACLOCAL_DIR we use the
$(datadir)/aclocal directory. Since this is a comestic change and affects
the general quality of our builds I have only commented it out without
removing it.
Affects: Users configurating xine-lib as 'root' using one version of automake
and autoconf on one machine and building on another with different versions
of automake and autoconf. For example, ran autogen.sh --noconfig on system
with automake 1.7.2 and autoconf 2.57 while build system had automake 1.6.3
and autoconf 2.53.
Thanks to Chris Purnell <cjp@lost.org.uk> for helping me understand the
nature of the problem.

CVS patchset: 3987
CVS date: 2003/01/22 01:35:04

Stephen Torri Stephen Torri 2003-01-22

changed configure.ac
changed m4/Makefile.am
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