Hello list,

For the past couple of years I have been applying my own set of rather rough patches to the xine library.  Although this list seems curiously devoid of traffic I thought I'd ask if there was enough interest that it would be worth me spending some time to clean them up and submit them?  There are three that might be of interest:

1. An amendment to the stdin plugin (fd:// url) to allow a supplied file descriptor number.  This is used by my pvr software which handles the creation of a pipe by itself and then passes the descriptor number to xine for display.

2. A Topfield rec file input plugin derived from the MPEG-TS plugin.

3. A closed caption teletext spu plugin which decodes and displays the DVB teletext captions broadcast in Australia.  This is probably the most useful but it also the most rough and I cannot guarantee it will work elsewhere in the world.

Any interest?


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