I have recently installed xine and it works great, except for one problem. For some DVD's, at some point (usually near the middle of the DVD) it will suddenly give the following error message:

"Source can't be read. Maybe you don't have enough rights for this, or source doesn't contain data (e.g. not disc in drive). (Expected NAV packet but none found.)"

Then it stops playing. However, I can always restart the DVD and it plays fine, but I always get the same error message at the same point. If I skip over that section, the rest of the DVD plays fine.

Any idea what might be going on here, and how I can fix it?


p.s. I own a Dell Latitude D610, and I'm using Fedora Core 4. I have compiled the kernel with "libata" and SCSI built-in, which was necessary for enabling DMA on the drive.