Hey guys,
 I used Xine with fedora core 5 loved it worked beautifully, but now that i have upgraded to fedora 10, the xine-ui wont install. It gives me the error message that the libxine>=1.1.0  or something to that effect,  I downloaded the lates version.. it compiled just fine and near as i can tell installed.
when i went to install the front end, when i compile it it gives me the previously mentioned error. I looked on all the linux web sites for answers and tried them all, but to no avil, still wont compile. the one i could not try was to install the devlibs... the links to it are dead. can you give me any other help in getting xine-ui to compile ?
the other thing is that the other media players in fedora 10 .. ie. kaffeine wont run dvd's even after I tell them where the xine codecs are.
I'm stumped, I really like the Xine media player and want to use it as my regualr player on my linux machines. any help would be greatly appreciated.
peace and God Bless