Ed W wrote:
Ed W wrote:
Diego 'Flameeyes' Pettenò wrote:
Ed Wildgoose <lists@wildgooses.com> writes:

I noticed that my patches for proper Jack output now date back to the
beginning of 2005 and so with 2008 starting I thought it best to
polish them up and release them at last...

Please look at the jack output plugin in 1.2-audio-out-conversion
branch, which is totally renewed already.

Where am I looking?  I see no changes at:



Bump?  Anyone?

Can't see that there is any new code in 1.2?

Can someone please review my new Jack output layer and either commit or offer feedback please


Ed W

Some months have gone by.... Any chance of ANYONE ever offering why this can't either be committed or how it needs to be reworked to be included?

Diego, I just don't see any new Jack plugin in 1.2?  In any case this is a fairly robust and debugged implementation which is in regular use by the writer.  Grateful if you would consider including in 1.1 codebase - I offer to handle bug fixes and ongoing support for Jack...

Ed W