On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Georg Meyer wrote:

The xine-lib seems to
compile allright. I did the ./ than the ./configure, make and make
install. It was placed in /usr/lib/xine/plugins. Now, when it comes to the

If you didn't use any --prefix options to ./configure (or, it
should have gone to /usr/local/lib/
Yes, that's right.
In that case, make sure you have /usr/local/lib in /etc/ and
re-run ldconfig after installation of xine-lib.
Then cd to the xine-ui sources and type:
rm config.cache
./configure && make && make install


Thanks for your answser. I'm at my parents right now (windows) and will return on the 1st or 2nd. Than I will try your suggestions.

Happy new year to you and everyone else on the list !