I've installed xine. But I can not run it.

[root@localhost xine-ui-0.99.5]# xine
xine: error while loading shared libraries: libxine.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Although I get the following result.

[anas@localhost ~]$ cd /usr/local/lib
[anas@localhost lib]$ ls
gxine       libcdio.so.0      libiso9660.so        libxine.so         pkgconfig
libcdio.a   libcdio.so.0.0.0  libiso9660.so.0      libxine.so.1       xine
libcdio.la  libiso9660.a      libiso9660.so.0.0.0  libxine.so.1.17.1
libcdio.so  libiso9660.la     libxine.la           libxine.so.1.18.0

Now what to do?