hi im a medical student from india.
i used to use powerdvd,radlight,nero show time...etc
i recently switched to linux mandrake 9.1,xine came budled.
though some initial problems were there,but i could manage to use it.
1.why does the player turn mute and do whatever you dont get the sound.restarting xine solves it but is there a specific solution?
2.xines 'power' to play vcds takes the cake...
all the other softwares used would make a gap of 3-4 secs when there was a scatch on the disc but xines wonderful .it doesnt make any gaps ...just streamline.....i love it.
thank u for and congrats for the effort.
just one point where it lags behind its competitors is the audio options.in power dvd and most other similar softwares options to adjust the headphone to a dolby headphone or trusurround headphone are present which enhance the sound quality.can these be incorporated in xine in further versions so that we can enjoy the sound...
thanking you
xine lover-vaseem ali j mulla

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