Hello to everyone!
I'm new here in and i need your help!
Which xine devel version should i use?
Currenty i'm using the xinedevel version 0.9.13. which comes with the Mandrake 9.0.
I tried to compile the example source code from the xine web page but it doesn't work.
The compiler complains that some functions like xine_new() can't be found in the xine library.
Due to this error i downloaded the sinek frontend source code and i tryed to figure out
how to use the xine library.
I have combined some code from sinek frontend with the example code
and i succeded to compile it and run it but i get the error: "Segmentation fault" when i run the compiled code.
You can take a look at the code here at: http://www.oughtenhouse.com/~igorp/xinef.c
I know the error is related to mamory allocation but i don't know how to solve the problem.
Is there any simple code example that works or there is any xine programming tutorial except that
on the main xine web page?
Maybe someone of you can help me to make this program work
Thanks for your patience!